Motor Club Of America

Are You and Your Family Covered while your on the road? 
MCA has great benefits that fits your traveling needs. With these benefits MCA also offers income opportunity. A chance to make 
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MCA is very similar to AAA but better. 
 Motor Club of America is a Roadside Assistance and Towing company that offers over $150k of Unlimited assistance while traveling such as Up to a 100 miles towing, battery boost, tire change, lock-out service and includes discounts and coverage on different things such as prescription, vision and dental, car rentals, hotels, travel planning, phone service, shoping discounts etc and coverage such as cash for hospital and emergency room benefits from an accident, bail bonds, attorney fees and so much more. This is just to name a few... But with these benefits MCA also offers you the opportunity to make Easy money by starting your own business working right from the comfort of your home. All YOU need is a bank account and a small investment of $39.90 ($40-Basic Plan) to get started with your benefits. Let's say if you start Now, $39.90 will cover first and last months benefits ($19.95+19.95=$39.90) and you pay $19.95 a month to keep these benefits. All you'll do is network, show and sign people up with these same benefits and show them how they could also make money just from referring people from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Black Planet, Myspace and etc. Use them for your business . This is a chance to become your own Boss making $80+ for each referral you get and you get your $40 back once you get your first sign up. $40 from your sign up and $40 paid to you from the company MCA in advance plus a residual profit from your team you built (1st Generation). Each new sign up from your 1st Generation becomes the 2nd generation on your team and you will receive $6 per sign up and for every sign up from the 2nd generation you will get $1.32 per sign up. All that adds up and you get paid every Friday !!!! It's that simple...  Who can't use these awesome benefits for less than .70 cents a day... Contact me Today to Join My Team!!